3 Crafts to do Before Summer Ends

School is right around the corner which means there is only a few weeks of summer left! 

Enjoy the remaining few weeks of summer by having some fun with these awesome crafts. We're telling you, these are MUST DO crafts that your little ones will be sure to love! 

Awesome Craft #1: Homemade Fireflies - That REALLY Glow!


I think we all remember those rare summer nights when we were lucky enough to see some magical fireflies. So how awesome would it be if we could recreate those magical summer nights with our children with a quick and easy craft?

Here's how to create LED Fireflies to help your kids feel a little bit of summer magic:

For this craft all you will need are: plastic Easter eggs, pipe cleaners, LED lights, duct tape and some scissors! That's it, so easy and so fun to do with your kids.

Instructions: Just pop the flameless LED tealight into a plastic Easter egg. Poke holes through the egg with a thumbtack to insert the pipe cleaners. The eyes are drawn onto white sticky labels or you can use googley eyes, and the wings are silver duct tape. Quick, easy, and totally cute! This is a must do craft for your kids before school starts!

Craft Credit: Katie Steuernagle

Awesome Craft #2: Homemade Mason Jar Aquariums


This is a hands down, a must do activity. Keep summer going and bring it inside with these homemade mason jar aquariums. 

Craft Materials:

  • Mason Jars

  • Blue Food Colouring

  • Water (Suggest using filtered water to give a clearer look, but tap water is fine to use)

  • Aquarium plastic figurines or toy fish (Can be bought at pet store or dollar store)

  • Aquarium rocks and plastic plants (Can be bought at pet store or dollar store)

Once you have the gathered materials, get creative and have some fun! Your kids will be sure to enjoy this one!

Craft Credit: Delia Crates

Awesome Craft #3: Colouful Squirt Gun Painting


Easily the best summer boredom buster. Squirt gun painting is a great way to get your kids outside and to stop saying "Mom, I'm bored!".

Grab a few squirt guns (or even spray bottles), a few water paint colours and paper, and an easel (stand), and boom you're set!

Craft Credit: Melissa Lennig

Gonna do one of these 3 amazing activities before summers up? We'd love to see! Send your pictures to us at or tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

Happy Crafting!



Summer To Do List - Free Printable!

I can honestly say I have NO clue where this school year flew by! Here are my son's last day of school pictures (he is definitely not the little boy he was at the beginning of the year...proud mama though for sure!!).

I am so excited to spend some quality time with our boys this summer. I loved summers growing up as a kid and I have some great memories of a TON of outdoor activities and trips and friends and cousin fun! I can't wait to start some traditions and continue old ones this summer with our boys!

We decided to do a "Summer Fun List" so that we can have a list of things that we can do each week and be able to check them off. I think it's a great way to allow the kids to be involved and make decisions and have fun with it! Here is ours:

Summer Fun List

Here are a few tips on how to create a list like ours:

1. Get a bristol board from the dollar store for your list - our boys LOVE the big bright board that is in our kitchen that they can look at and we can talk about at dinner. They love coming up a with a plan and love checking things off and being able to see it!

2. Allow them to come up with the items but make sure they are reasonable. 

3. Try to add a few items in for the community. We are going to go and pick up some garbage one day and we are also going to go and support our local Farmer's Market.

4. We had a good discussion about keeping our list to "extra things" that aren't normal or daily/weekly tasks. For example - going swimming wasn't an extra for us, so we didn't include it as we do this quite often with our pool.

5. Be sure to check the items that you do off! This is the fun part and our boys are taking turns quite nicely checking off items as we go.

6. Add one or two items that are bigger ticket items that they might not know that you have planned already (ours was the Blue Jays Game and seeing waterfalls as I know we will do this on our vacation!). Our boys are super excited for these big events!!

We also thought it would be fun to give you Free Printable for a Summer Bingo Game. This is something you can do completely separate or you can incorporate it into your summer fun list and check them both off! Here is the Summer Bingo:


For this bingo game, simply right click on the photo above and save it to your computer. Print this photo off and put it on your fridge or bulletin board or even in a photo frame and use a dry erase marker.

As you check items off, have the kids try and work towards a line or just the full card. Once you've completed your goal, celebrate! Make sure you set your celebration goal before you start!!

Hope your summer is starting off right! We will be back with crafts, recipes and more!