Why I Love Being a #BOYMOM

I always knew that I was meant to be a mom. In my mind I thought I would have a little girl and a little boy… Well guess what, no matter your internal temperature, the day of the month or the position of the moon when you conceive… life has a way of giving you exactly what you need not what you want. Enter boy number one. Ok, I can work with this, I thought to myself.  We always planned on having two kids, I guess my ideal family unit will be complete with a big brother watching over his little sister.  Fast forward 22 months and enter boy number two.  Pardon?  Are you sure?  You better believe it.  I was now officially a ‘Boy Mom’ and I took a deep sigh of relief.

When my first son was born I was so grateful and amazed by this tiny human being that his gender did not matter to me.  Then when my second son was born, I was actually surprised how at peace I was with not having a little girl. Of course words cannot describe how grateful I am for our two boys. The most fulfilling part of my life is teaching them, interacting with them and having fun… but what amazes me is how much they have taught me about myself and how dramatically they have ‘transformed’ me into the mom I am right now.  So why do I LOVE being a ‘Boy Mom’ of two adorable, bright, busy and wonderful little boys?

Because no matter how smart I thought I was, being a boy mom has taught me more life lessons than I care to admit. My boys have taught me to not sweat the small stuff in life, to get dirty and to celebrate things in the silliest of ways sometimes. My boys have taught me that every day is a new adventure and that joyful moments arise out of the most mundane of things.  They have brought so many joyful moments into my life that I could literally fill a book with thoughts and stories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Because no matter how many parenting books I read before they arrived, being a boy mom has made me a better person. I have changed my mindset on how to parent them, teach them and coach them every day. I want the best for them and I want to raise them to be amazing individuals, good role models, polite, teach them how to respect others and to be a good husband one day.


Because no matter how close I thought I was with my husband, being a boy mom has taught me to love and appreciate my husband in a whole new way. I love watching him as a dad. I love watching him play with our boys by wrestling, digging in the dirt, and teaching them all of the mechanics of how things work and how to fix things.

Because before I had kids, I had a neat and tidy house with everything in it’s place, being a boy mom has taught me to be ok with being dirty. All. Of. The. Time!!! My boys love playing in the dirt, eating a bit messy and aren’t afraid to try new things. I am a big believer that if you are behaving, listening and having fun…a little dirt is not going to hurt. I grew up in a house where everything was neat and tidy and dirt was not allowed and bugs were gross…well let me tell you how opposite our house is now…and I am totally ok with it as long as they are having FUN!!

Because no matter how outdoorsy I thought I was, being a boy mom has taught me how to love nature in a whole new way. I have always loved being outside – camping, hiking, fishing and going on adventures, but now that I have two boys… that’s all we do and I’m totally ok with that! They love being outside in the snow to make snow angels, build forts and go snowmobiling. They love being out when it’s hot to go swimming, to play in the sprinkler or to have an ice cream cone. They LOVE being outside when it’s raining so they can find worms and jump in the puddles and I love their sense of adventure!

Because no matter how much parenting advice I have received from others, being a boy mom has taught me to remember these very important words….”Remember, it’s just a phase“. Do you know how many times we’ve had to say “Why are we talking about toilets, poop and bums?” Sometimes I just don’t get it!


Because no matter how I feel about sibling relationships, being a boy mom has taught me to just let them be brothers…let them figure things out together, argue, wrestle, play and love one another unconditionally. Shape and guide their brotherly bond and teach them family comes first and is always the most important thing they will ever have.


Because no matter how creative and sporty I thought I was, being a boy mom has taught me to learn how to play as superheroes, knights saving kings and to love sports even more than I already did. Being busy was an understatement before I had boys. We are constantly on the go, playing, crafting, playing sports, doing science experiments or just creating and imagining…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Because no matter how badly I’d like to be able to stop time, being a boy mom has also taught that no matter what I do, I can’t shield them from life… I can walk them to the bus stop, but I must let them get on the bus stop all by himself and go to school without me there. I can hold their hand when we cross the street, but when we get to the sidewalk, let them run free and be worried that they might fall and scrape their knee, but that I will be there for them. I can cheer them on from the sidelines, but I can’t go on the court or ice with him all of the time. Being a mom in general has been the most rewarding, challenging and amazing experience ever, but being a boy mom as made me so grateful.