Elf on The Shelf Ideas and FREE Printable!

It's that time of year again where that mischievous or friendly little elf comes back from the North Pole! I know some parents refuse to have one as they find it way too difficult to come up with ideas, think of hiding him or her every day and just the thought of an elf watching has even creeped a few people out. I get it...but...at our house, the elf is something that my husband and I love seeing our boys facing, hunting for him, thinking about him first thing when they wake up in the morning and just bringing more magic to Christmas!


This is our boys last year when Charlie arrived. At our house, Charlie brings the Christmas books back and brings a new one each year! He sets the table for our Christmas breakfast and we get to use our special cups and plates for a nice family breakfast.  At our house, Charlie comes on the first weekend in December (the boys don't know that but it works out easiest for me to remember and for use to be able to enjoy our family breakfast!).  Then each day we move Charlie around and the kids run around looking for him each morning.  Our elf can be funny but also has sent little notes for our boys. 


So I thought this year wouldn't be fun to have little notes that he can have with him to spread some fun?! I will also have these for you (in this blog below) as a free printable! So here are some ideas on what you can have you elf doing this year: 


Our boys thought it was so funny when Charlie was hanging from a clothesline in our oldest son's underwear. 

Then he was playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos. 

One of our favourites is when Charlie barricades a room with tape.  Then all day we have to crawl under the trap to get through. It's a fun one!

My husband loves hanging the boys toys from various spots in the house with fishing line so it kind of looks like it's actually flying! 


Charlie has also used Daddy's shaving cream and had a shaving cream beard ;) 

One of our other favourites is when Charlie takes a toilet paper roll and rolls down the stairs. 

The next one was fun, but I made sure to do it on a day when we weren't home and the kids weren't needing a glass of water. Charlie was up in our water dispenser with a cup, ready to get a drink! 

The last is when Charlie took ALL of the boys stuffed animals and lined them up on the couch. 


One of the funniest that the boys loved last year was finding Charlie in the fridge and he had written a message on the eggs! It took them a while to find him though and we "accidentally" found him when we went to make breakfast!

Then Charlie was back to his mischievous self and we kept the toilet paper from the roll down the stairs and he trashed the stairway. The boys were in aw that he made such a mess and kept telling him he better clean that up!

Then Charlie wanted to help with laundry...

Then the last is a favourite. We all know in our house that Charlie LOVES hot cocoa but he always spills it! 

So those are some ideas on what you can do for the Elf On the Shelf this year! Here is the free printable I was mentioning. The purpose is to print it, then cut the cards out and have him using them to communicate with your little ones. I love the joke and can't wait for our boys to see this one! 


Just click on the photo and right click it and hit print! Happy Elf on The Shelf time!! :)