Camping Made Easy Tips

We LOVE camping! Our boys love being outside and exploring and being around nature. In the summer months we camp quite a bit.  I have a lot of friends that can't believe how much we camp and how "easy" we make it look. I guess we just have our systems down (since my husband and I have been camping together each summer for over 18 years now!). This summer I decided to pay more attention to some of the tricks that I use when camping so that I could share them with you! Here are some totally random tips...and yes, we do like s'mores ;)


 1. No Fire S'mores:


On rainy days, or days when you don't have a campfire, this treat is a perfect snack to cover that s'mores craving! Use Golden Grahams cereal, chocolate chips and marshmallows. Also a perfect snack to pack in baggies or containers for the long car ride to the camp to get the kids excited for camping and real s'mores around the fire! 

2.  Rubbermaid Bath Tub:


Ever since our oldest son was a baby and we camped in a tent, this is how we have bathed our kids...and they LOVE it!! We actually pack all of their toys and beach toys in this Rubbermaid bin and so it has a double purpose.  Then, when it's bath time before campfire, we throw them in it (taking the toys out first!) and add some bubbles and they are good to go! When we don't have our trailer, we just boil some water and use the cold tap water to make warm water...they think it's a riot!! :)

3. Easy S'mores Hack:

This is my favourite!!!!!! SO easy and YUMMY!! All you need is two Family Digestive cookies and a toasted marshmallow...easy s'more and so so GOOD!!

4. Condiment containers:


This is a small little trick, but I always tell my friends about this and they are like..."Awww...why didn't I think of that?!". When you are going camping for one weekend, typically you aren't going to be needing a whole bottle of each of your condiments (maybe ketchup is the only Things like butter, mustard, mayo, steak sauce, BBQ sauce, syrup, etc. can all go in small containers so that you have more room in your cooler and/or fridge!

5. S'more Cones:

This is something new we tried this summer and we LOVED them!! All we did was put some chocolate chips and marshmallows in the cone and wrapped them in foil and placed them on top of the grill of the fire. They were delicious!!

We also tried mini M&M's in them with the yummy!!

6. Clothes Bins:


This trick is one I borrowed from a good friend. How easy and clean is this?! Instead of having backpacks or luggage for everyone, we give each person a big drawer and a small drawer (clothes in big drawer and underwear, socks, pjs and bathing suits in the small drawers). It's so perfect and easy to have these bins to pack, store and easy to find your clothes! For dirty clothes I bought this bin from Ikea and LOVE it because it collapse for easy storage when we aren't using it and it's so big and keeps the smells from staying inside.

Well hopefully you can use at least one or two of these fun camping tips!

We hope you have a great time camping this summer! We just got back from a 10 day road trip so I will post pictures soon!