Erupting Colours Experiment

One of our all time favourite science experiments is the erupting colours experiment.  This easy to do experiment can be done with items that you will most likely have in your home! 

Curiosity Box Erupting Colours.jpg

Impress your child with the knowledge too of what's happening when you mix the ingredients and explain to them how it all works! 

Here's what you will need:

  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Food Colouring
  • Small plastic or glass dishes (we used shot glasses from the dollar store)
  • A syringe or eye dropper (makes things feel more official too!) 

First line your cups up on the counter. Place a bit of baking soda in each one. Then place food colouring in each cup. Do NOT add the vinegar yet! 


Place your vinegar in a small dish. Line up your containers on a cookie sheet and some paper so that you have an easy clean up when your experiment is done. Plus my kids loved seeing the different colours that exploded onto the paper. 


Take a little bit of vinegar and place it in your eye dropper. Once you drop your vinegar into the baking soda/food colouring the magic happen!


Here's what happens (this is when you can look REALLY smart with your kiddos! ;) ...

When vinegar (dilute acetic acid) and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) are mixed together, hydrogen ions in the vinegar react with the sodium and bicarbonate ions in the baking soda. The results in a first reaction that creates two new chemicals: carbonic acid and sodium acetate.


The second reaction is a decomposition reaction. The carbonic acid was formed because of the first reaction immediately beginning to decompose into water and carbon dioxide gas. 

Just like carbon dioxide bubbles in a carbonated drink like pop, the carbon dioxide (that formed as the carbonic acid decomposed) rises to the top of the mixture. This causes the bubbles and foam you see when you mix baking soda and vinegar together! 

I love being able to see the different colours and seeing my boy's reaction each time we did it! 


You can also watch our live video on Facebook when we did it live for our followers. Watch it HERE

If you're looking for other science experiments to do, check out the Bouncing Egg experiment HERE and the Walking Water experiment HERE. Science is a must around our house! 

NOTE: You will see how if you leave the baking soda and food colouring too long that it settles and doesn't explode as much and you must squeeze a lot of vinegar at once for it to explode good. 

I also suggest putting the food colouring on top instead of the bottom so that it explodes better! 

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Cupid's Popcorn Mix

We tried a new popcorn recipe this weekend when we had a movie night and watched Valentine's Day movies and it was a HIT! Cupid's Popcorn Mix is great for a family movie night or would also work great in little bags for classroom treats!

This recipe is easy to make and tastes so yummy and the best part is you can be totally creative with what items you use in it. 

Here's what you need:

  • 1 cup of unpopped kernals or microwave popcorn 
  • Chocolate melts (from the Bulk Barn) - we bought red, white and pink for Valentine's Day but you could use whatever colour you want
  • Valentine’s Day colored sprinkles
  • Valentine’s Day Smarties
  • Parchment paper or tinfoil
  1. Make popcorn per your preferred method
  2. When popping is complete, remove from heat and spread popcorn in a single layer on parchment paper or tinfoil on a tray. Try to remove any unpopped kernels at this time.


3. While popcorn cools, melt bag of white chocolate chips/bark  in a microwave safe bowl at 30 second increments until completely melted.



4. Coat popcorn with the chocolate and mix without smooshing the kernels


5. Immediately follow by decorating with Valentine’s or decorative sprinkles & smarties. You can also use cinnamon hearts, marshmallows, chocolate chips, jujubes or any Valentine's Day candies. 

6. Allow 1 hour for chocolate to harden.

7. Break into pieces and store in an air tight container or baggies. 

Enjoy and try and share ;) 

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Valentine's Day Kabobs

My son is so excited to be making Valentine's Day Kabobs again this year for his class! Each year, the teacher asks for healthy food snacks for their class party. I love being able to make something that is fun and healthy and so these are the perfect combination!

Curiosity Box Banana Split Kabobs 2.jpg

This year, we are going to make them using heart shaped confetti instead of sprinkles. My younger son is also excited to take them in for his class this year too! 

Here's what you need:

  • skewers
  • strawberries
  • banana
  • pineapple
  • big marshmallows
  • chocolate chips or melting chocolate discs
  • milk
  • sprinkles or confetti of your choice 
Curiosity Box Banana Split Kabobs.jpg

Here's how to make these kabobs:

1.  Cut up your fruit. 

2. Melt the chocolate in a glass dish in the microwave with some milk in it to make it creamy and smooth for dipping. 

3. Dip your strawberries in the chocolate. 

4. Dip the marshmallows in the chocolate and then in the sprinkles. I used two dishes so that my boys could dip one and then the other easily.

5. Skew all of your items onto the skewers. 


Valentine's Day Ideas and Printables

With Valentine's being such a fun occasion for my boys, I decided to do a fun and unique type of Valentine's for their classes this year! You can also print these and use them for your child's class or daycare or friends! Keep reading and you will see the printable below! 


For my older son's class (Grade 1), we are doing Tic Tac Toe game board Valentine's. How cute are these?! 


This is a fun and interactive way for your kids to give their friends a little treat and then they can play tic tac toe with their treats! Click on the photo below by left clicking on the photo below and printing the form for your kiddos to use! 


For my younger son, he really wanted to give his class suckers and so we made these fun and adorable Valentine's. I love that he can write his name this year and love how proud he was when he wrote them out! 

curiosity box i'm a sucker for you

With this one you will need an adult to make two incisions on the Valentine with a sharp knife so that you can slide the sucker through....


Here's the printable for you! To download, left click on the photo and save it to your computer or phone. Then print. 


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Curiosity Kid Magazine

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Walking Water Science Experiment

This science experiment is very easy to set up and requires only a few items around your house and has an awesome wow factor for your kids! 

Here's what you need:

  • 3 Glass Cups
  • Paper Towel
  • Water
  • Food colouring

My boys love doing science experiments. They love guessing what will happen and making predictions.  I love seeing their awe and excitement when they see the experiments happening.  

Here's what you need to do: 

Place your 3 glasses of water on a flat surface. Put coloured water into the glasses in the two glasses on the outside, leaving the middle one empty.

Take one piece of paper towel and fold it into half and then another half and another half. Repeat with another piece. 

Place one piece of paper towel so it runs from the glasses with water into the empty one.

Walking Water 3.JPG

Sit back and watch.

Walking Water 8.JPG

As you can see, the water from the outside transfer from the two outside cups, through the paper towel and into the middle cup. With the colours we chose, you can see the yellow and red transform into the middle turning the water orange. So much fun to see their faces when they came down the next morning to find this! 

Valentine's Day Craft and Snack Ideas

Valentine's Day is right around the corner!  We love decorating and doing craft for Valentine's Day. I love keeping the crafts that my boys do and seeing each year their reaction when I bring out the previous years crafts. I like to display them and decorate with them We also enjoy doing fun food on Valentine's Day and it's amazing how the kids remember the little details. Here are a few ideas that you can do for some creative activities and recipes. 

Valentine's Day Craft and Snack Ideas.png

Softest Valentine's Day Playdoh (Cinnamon or Cherry)

Here is our go to recipe for the softest playdough ever! 

Curiosity Box Valentine Playdoh.JPG
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1 tsp of cooking oil
  • 1/2 cup cold water
  • food colouring or kool aid. For Valentine's Day we've used red food colouring and cinnamon extract or cherry kool aid. 

Mix flour and salt together. Add water, food colouring or kool-aid and oil. Knead well. If consistency is too wet add more flour and if too dry, add more water.

I went to the dollar store and bought some heart shaped cookie cutters. The boys loved creating hearts and making Valentine's Day notes in their play dough and we gave each other love hearts! So cute! 

Another idea is to make Stamped Heart Art with various items that you can use for stamping. 

photo 6.JPG

You can make just plain art or make cards for family members. 

Here's what you will need:

photo 3.JPG
  • Paper plates
  • Paint
  • Various items to use as stamps. I used a toilet paper roll taped to the shape of a heart, a potato, a sponge and a cookie cutter. You can also use corks, apples, stamps from the dollar store or foam heart shapes. 
  • Paper (I cut ours into a heart shape and then you can fold it in half for a heart shaped card!)

Simply place paint on the paper plates and have the child stamp the various pinks, reds and purples (Valentine's Day colours) onto the heart and let dry. Voila! 

The other thing I love doing for Valentine's Day is surprising my kids with a snack or breakfast for them as a sweet thing to do to tell them I love them! Here's a couple of ideas...


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Healthy, Easy and Yummy in One Recipe?!

With the New Years resolutions that most I know make, most of us are trying to eat healthier and none of us have time to make the recipes we want to make. Also, let's face it, our husbands and kids don't like some of those recipes that we try that have all of those healthy items in it! 

I thought I would do a quick post of my favourite salad dressing recipe that is a fan favourite in our house! 

I thought I would share with you my home made salad dressing and some different ways to use it in a salad so it's not so boring. It is SO good!

Here's what you will need:

  • Equal part oil and balsamic vinegar (approximately 1/4 cup total)
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp garlic 

That's it! Mix those ingredients together and there you have one delicious and easy salad dressing! I usually use mixed greens salad with this dressing.

Here's how I use it in salads, I usually take one item from each header:


  • Chicken
  • Beef (usually I use beef tenderloin) 


  • peppers
  • carrots
  • cucumbers
  • spinach added into my greens 


  • Cashews
  • Sliced Almonds
  • Walnuts


  • Craisins
  • Apples
  • Dried Cherries
  • Dried Apples 
  • Apple chunks
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries


  • Old Cheddar
  • Havarti
  • Blue Cheese
  • Goat's Cheese with Cranberries

The other thing I sometimes add is the onion strips or the tortilla strips. SO good! 

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More Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I've been seeing a lot of frustrated parents with their Elf this year! I still love being creative and yet I completely understand the frustration with coming up with creative ideas. You have to find out what my elf drama was though this week...

Elf on the Shelf Ideas.png


So Charlie started the week of being a funny guy and trying to draw on our eggs, but he dropped one...oops! 

Then with all that protein in him, then next day he needed to work out ;) lol. 


The next day the boys had forgotten to do their lego calendar so he helped them by taking it out and showing them. 


Charlie loves to play jokes though, and so he had taken the shower curtain down and was having a rest in it. The boys though this one was hysterical! 


I actually forgot to take a picture of the next day, but Charlie left them new Santa hats in their hat and mitts pouches in our mud room area. My youngest was SO excited he got to have his own Santa hat and has been wearing it every day :) 

So then the next day, Charlie taped himself to my youngest's door. That morning they thought it was so funny! They read the jokes that he had left on sticky notes and also loved that he drew a moustache on his picture. 


Then the drama....dun dun duh.....

At the end of the day, we came home to this.....


My boys panicked. They were so upset that Charlie had fallen. They thought he might lose his magic. They wouldn't go down the hallway and my youngest would not go into his room and he didn't want to sleep in his bed tonight. So, I calmed them down and then suggested a shovel to pick Charlie up and move him. They started crying!! I felt SO bad!

So I messaged a friend for back up and asked her if their elf had fallen.  She suggested that we should just leave him as that happened to their elf and he ended up flying back to the North Pole and he would come back in the morning. He is a little embarrassed he didn't tape himself very well! They were ok with that answer luckily! Phew.... 

I thought it would be good the next day if they built their relationship back up with Charlie and got to carry him around. So he was stuffed inside a container with a note "Now you can carry me around with you!" on top. My youngest thought it was a great idea, but my oldest was unsure he should be touching Charlie.  He is my little rule follower! 


Well, we have 3 more days to go! Hoping you can be creative and remember to keep moving your elf around. If you need more ideas, find them here and here

Happy Elf on the Shelf creating! :)