Safari Fun

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Safari Fun

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If you're looking for a safari adventure or have a little one that loves animals, this box is loaded with some safari fun! 

Crafts included:

  • 1x - safari animal visor craft kit (note: 1 of 3 different options - selection based on availability) 
  • 1x - safari animal mask (note: 1 of 6 different options - selection based on availability)
  • 1x - safari animal paper pate craft kit (note: 1 of 3 different options - selection based on availability)

Activities included:

  • 1x - Safari game with 2 animal playing pieces and a die

Other novelties included inside: 1 finger puppet, 1 animal parachute, 1 slider puzzle, 2 tattoos 

Inside your box you will find everything you need from materials, to instructions as well as other activity ideas and some fun  facts!  Glue and embellishments are all included.

Do you have a second and/or third child that would also love this kit? Purchase the sibling add on for $15 each and receive a FULL additional Safari FUN kit addressed to them in one Curiosity Box.

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