NEW! Crafty Christmas Countdown - **SPECIAL BOX**


NEW! Crafty Christmas Countdown - **SPECIAL BOX**

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Countdown Boxes are fun to use the week leading up to the big day or simply for a crafty weekend. In total 7 crafts are included along with an instructional brochure, glue, crayons and a sticker sheet to add a sticker for each day of crafting.

***If purchased for a 2-4 Crafter, no problem they will just need a bit of help and the crafting surely will take longer!

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**NOTE: This is a limited edition "advent" craft box for a fun way to countdown to Christmas! Limited stock available.

Looking for a unique way to countdown until Christmas? We've got an exciting way to countdown the last 7 days until Christmas with our Crafty Christmas Countdown Boxes.

Choose from one of two options for a fun way to countdown to Christmas! Each box contains 7 days of crafts, 7 stickers, glue, crayons and a colour yourself countdown board to place the stickers on to see the days remaining until Christmas!

Crafts included -

  • 1x - Weaving Puppet Craft Santa or Reindeer

  • 1x - Reindeer Mini Bucket Craft Kit

  • 1x - North Pole Snow Globe Craft Kit

  • 1x - Merry Christmas Reindeer Craft Kit

  • 1x - Elf Clothespin Craft Kit

  • 1x - North Pole Thermometer Craft Kit

  • 1x - Gingerbread Man Glitter Mosaic Craft Kit

Box includes glue, countdown board to colour, crayons and stickers.

Do you have a second and/or third child that would also love this kit? Purchase the sibling add on for $15.95 each and receive a FULL additional Crafty Christmas Countdown Box addressed to them in one Curiosity Box.