Fire and Rescue Frenzy

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Curiosity Box Fireman Frenzy.jpg
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Fire and Rescue Frenzy

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If you have a fireman or firewoman who loves to help save people, this box is perfect.

Crafts included:

  • 1x - Firetruck Sand Art with Sand
  • 1x - Firedog finger print craft with black marker
  • 1x - Fire themed suncatcher (3 options - selection and variety is based on availability) with 2 suncatcher paints

Activities included:

  • 1x - Fireman Memory Game with scissors

Other novelties included inside: 1 fireman hat, 1 fireman badge, 2 x fireman tattoos, 1 pullback firetruck and 1 fire and rescue spray bottle (actually squirts water!).

Inside your box you will find everything you need from materials, to instructions as well as other activity ideas and some fun fireman facts!  Crayons and embellishments are all included.

Do you have a second and/or third child that would also love this kit? Purchase the sibling add-on for $15 each and receive a FULL additional Fire and Rescue Frenzy kit addressed to them in one Curiosity Box.

Does your child LOVE books and reading?! We have partnered with HarperCollins and we are now offering a book add-on option. Add an "I CAN READ" book for $5 to any order and we will add a book to your box!

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