Colour Outside the Lines - Ages 8+

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8_colouringoutside_box (1).png

Colour Outside the Lines - Ages 8+

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Do you know someone who thinks outside the box? A perfect box for all those young aspiring artists. This box is packed full with artistic expression. Let your creative side be expressed!

You can add a book add on option for only an extra $10! Select a book option and we will ad a age appropriate book to your box.

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Everyone loves Bubble Gum. Now you can craft and get creative with this fun filled bubble gum box (no bubble gum is included, just crafts!)

Activities included (All Make Your Own): 

  • 1x- DIY Spinner craft kit - many templates to choose from

  • 1x- Water Gun meets canvas craft activity (shot colour on your canvas)

  • 1x- Decorate your very own cloth bag with fabric paint, provided

Also included, Templates for spinners, test papers to make sure your paint is the perfect colour, and holders to keep your art in place while crafting.  Lots of paint brushes, pencils, sidewalk chalk, mini markers, string, and glue. As always and instruction brochure and a personalized note if you wish. Inside your box you will find everything you need from materials, to instructions as well as other activity ideas and fun facts!  

Do you have a second and/or third child that would also love this kit? Purchase the sibling add on for $20.00 each and receive a FULL additional Craft kit addressed to them in one Curiosity Box and mailed to one address.

Does your child LOVE books and being read to?! We have partnered with several book publishers like Harper and Collins and we are now offering a book add-on option.  Add a book for $5 to any order and we will add a age appropriate book to your box!