Hello! My name is Cassie Krygsman and I am the owner of Curiosity Box. I have two little boys, who are busy and keep me on my toes every day! They love to craft, explore, create and discover just as much as I do!

The concept behind Curiosity Box was born out of necessity; I was a working mom that wanted to spend time with my child doing crafts and activities, but was constantly challenged with finding the time and energy to put together crafts and activities that were engaging and fun for me and my child.  I love crafting, scrapbooking, baking and being creative and I wanted to see the same passion for creativity passed onto my children.  With our busy and hectic lives, I always felt like our quality creative time was so limited.  Usually when precious time presented itself I was never truly prepared.   

Recognizing how difficult it is to do the planning for, designing of, and purchasing of supplies for crafts and activities, I wanted to help you as busy parents have the best quality crafts to spend valuable time with your children.  I wanted to help you and your children grow your creativity, curiosity and make it fun and easy!  Our mission is to provide you the convenience of having a collection of crafts and activities on hand at a moments notice… a rainy afternoon, a quiet evening after a busy day, or some quality one on one time!          

My hope is that a Curiosity Box delivered right to your door sparks curiosity and excitement in your child and inspires you to spend enjoyable and quality time constructing and discovering with your children!

From our family to yours...happy crafting and creating!
Cassie Krygsman and family