Creative Friday: Toilet Paper Roll Fun!

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Every Friday we will share a fun and creative craft or activity to do with your kids! We hope this will help so close to the weekend!

There are so many fun and creative things you can do with toilet paper tubes! We made an easy octopus this week with paint, jewels, tissue paper, fun scissors and googly eyes!


Paint the entire tube inside and out. Once it’s dry place jewels or stickers all over it. Cut out the legs with your fun scissors and roll them up. Scrunch the tissue paper inside and glue on the googly eyes!

We wanted to get to many more craft ideas with the toilet paper rolls, but this week got away from us…so here are a few more ideas or follow us on Pinterest!

Fun Marble Run:





Bird Feeder:


Superhero Cuffs:





What kind of crafts have you done with toilet paper rolls? Happy long weekend!




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